Vintage RonRico Ads

Vintage Puerto Rican Rum Advertisements

Whether we like it or not, advertising has changed significantly since the rise of computers and the Internet. Decades ago, it was a far simpler time for companies looking to try and get their message across. Radio, outdoor media, newspapers, magazines, and eventually TV advertisements were the preferred options where businesses would spend their advertising dollars. From social media to Google Adwords the online world’s impact on the industry have changed the game forever. As consumers are inundated with ads nearly every minute of the day, it often becomes a game of quantity versus quality in advertisements. While this is a reality that we just have to accept, we want to take you back to the good old days of advertising for a little while.

Alcohol advertising has always been a very competitive and creative space. For Puerto Rico, rum is and always has been king. Over the years there have been a large number of rum companies who have tried to make an impact on the industry. To create some nostalgia for the simpler times of advertising, we have some vintage Puerto Rican rum advertisements to show you. While a few of these rum companies like Don Q and RonRico still exist today, the other vintage brands weren’t able to survive the stiff competition in the Puerto Rican rum market. However, they did a great job at making some very cool retro advertisements.


Vintage RonRico Ads

Ron Merito

Vintage Rum Ads Merito

Riondo Rum

Vintage Riondo Rum Ads

Don Q Rum

Don Q Vintage Rum Ads

Christopher Columbus Rum

Christopher Columbus Vintage Rum Ads

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