Advantages of Billboard Advertising

Today, billboard advertising is widely considered to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. A good billboard, when placed in the right location, receives a very high number of views and impressions within just a single-day. By receiving these views and impressions on such a frequent and consistent basis, a business can easily spread awareness of what they offer, while also increasing engagement with what is being offered. That’s just one of the main advantages that billboard advertising offers; billboard advertising is a powerful advertising medium that offers a variety of excellent advantages and benefits.

advantages of billboard advertising

What Are The Main Advantages Of Billboard Advertising?

There are numerous advantages of billboard advertising. Some may appear evident while others are not so definitive. Effective billboard advertising will depend largely on the implemented strategy, industry, and ultimately who you decide to hire to complete your outdoor media campaign. Since design plays such a significant role, it’s important to find a company that is skilled and experienced in executing billboards that convert to more customers. Your selected billboard agency should offer precise data analysis and insights to help develop and create a billboard meant to engage with your audience. In addition, they should also offer you suggestions on the best methods for execution. Regardless of what billboard company you decide to work with, it’s important that they’re providing you with metrics that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your outdoor media campaign.

Some of the main advantages of billboard advertising are:

  • Strong reach and easy visibility
  • Creativity and brand recognition
  • Easy metrics to track the effectiveness
  • Higher ROI for ad spend than other platforms

Incredible advantages of billboard advertising

Easy visibility

Just about every billboard advertisement is large. Since billboard advertisements are so large, they’re very easy for people to notice. By combining this size with the unique design choices that most billboards possess, it’s easy for people to notice a billboard, and to engage with it.

For a billboard advertisement to be successful, though, it can’t just be large and well-designed; it has to be where the people are. That’s why most billboards are placed on busy highways and city streets that receive large numbers of cars and pedestrians. When a billboard advertisement is placed in a busy location, drivers and pedestrians of all sorts will notice the billboard and, assuming the billboard is well-designed, engage with what the billboard is offering.

One of the main advantages that billboard advertising offers is that of visibility. By ensuring that your billboard is large, well-designed, and placed in a busy location, your advertisement is visible. By being visible, it’s inevitable that a diverse group of people will see your billboard and engage with what you are offering. The company you choose to hire should be knowledgeable in determining what makes a good billboard.

advantages of outdoor media campaigns

Billboard Advertisements Are Creative And Memorable

For any billboard advertising campaign, creativity is a necessity. Billboard advertising is an inherently creative medium, due to billboard advertisement’s heavy reliance on unique visuals and images, rather than just text.

Since billboard advertisements are, primarily, visual, a good billboard advertisement must be unique and distinct, so that it captures the attention of drivers and pedestrians. By relying on visuals, you have access to a wide variety of creative possibilities, all of which will serve to make your billboard more unique and memorable.

For some advertising campaigns, this can be slightly difficult, especially if what’s being advertised is hard to put into visuals. But, the creativity that billboard advertisements allow for ensures that your billboard advertisement will be unique and distinct, standing apart from other billboard advertisements. Because of that, people will see your billboard advertisement and remember who you are and what you are offering.

Building brand awareness is one of the advantages of billboard advertising

For building brand awareness, there’s no better advertising medium than that of a billboard. A good billboard, when placed in a busy location and designed in a compelling manner, grabs people’s attention. Even if there is no direct call-to-action on your billboard – a phone number for example, or a website URL – the people noticing and engaging your billboard will become aware of who you are and what you are offering.

Since a billboard is always on display – for a period of weeks/months, that is – people who walk and drive through the same streets and highways will see your billboard over and over again. Studies have shown that repetition leads to the formation of memories, which means that the people who see your billboard over and over again will remember who you are and what you offer. Then, when they need a service that happens to be the one you offer, they will remember your billboard and what you offer.

Easily Track The Impact Of A Billboard

In the recent past, tracking the impact of a billboard was quite challenging. But today, that task is significantly easier, due to the rise of several new technologies. Technologies such as the Internet and QR codes.

By placing a URL or QR code on your billboard advertisement, people will be able to see your billboard and to engage with what you are offering in an almost-immediate manner. People can go online and visit the URL that you’ve written, or scan the QR code using their phone and be taken to a page that you’ve set-up. That way, they can receive more information about who you are and what you offer.

When you set up a web page that’s linked to a URL or QR code, you are able to access the analytics of that web page. By accessing the analytics of the page, you can see how many people have visited the page, how long they spend on the page, and what they’re focusing on. Because of this, it’s easy to see how many people are engaging with your brand and what they’re paying attention to.

billboard advertising advantages

Billboard Advertising Provides A Fantastic ROI

The Out Of Home Advertising Association Of America published a report on the ROI that billboard advertising produces. Within this report, they showed that for every dollar spent on billboard advertising – or some other form of out of home advertising – an average of $5.97 is generated in product sales. This is in contrast to other popular forms of advertising, such as radio and television, which advertisers spend far more money on, yet receive a weaker ROI.

Since billboard advertising provides such a fantastic ROI, it is one of the most effective advertising mediums for all businesses, big or small. For your business to experience an ROI similar to the one that the Out Of Home Advertising Association Of America reports, your billboard must be placed in the right location, well-designed, compelling, while also being concise in describing what your business offers.