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Advantages of Billboard Advertising

Today, billboard advertising is widely considered to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. A good billboard, when placed in the right location, receives a very high number of views and impressions within just a single-day. By receiving these views and impressions on such a frequent and consistent basis, a business can easily […]

Types of Billboard Structures

Advertising, fundamentally, has remained mostly the same over the years. However, as we move through a more encompassing digital world, one type of advertisement is quickly changing face and shape: billboard displays. In fact, there are now a variety of different types of billboard structures to select, making it a more versatile form of advertisement […]

How Are Billboards Made

How are billboards made and what does the process look like? The process of making a billboard requires different components and decisions. Some components cover what materials the billboard is made from, which is usually fixed. Those hiring for a new billboard build can select from design options and creativity that coincides with their billboard […]

Billboard Marketing Strategy

Without the proper billboard marketing strategy, creating an effective billboard marketing campaign is challenging. To create a proper billboard marketing strategy, you must be aware of several pieces of very basic, but extremely useful, information. With this information, the entire process of setting up a proper outdoor advertising campaign should be easy and effective. Know […]

What Makes a Good Billboard

Many often ask us, what makes a good billboard? While there are many different aspects to creating a captivating billboard, there’s usually a fixed set of rules that help to gear it up to optimally perform for its intended audience. Typically, effective billboards consist of three different factors. When these factors are considered, and their […]

Puerto Rico Traffic

Puerto Rico has a population of just under 3.2-million people. For every 1,000 people, out of that population of 3.2-million, 614 own automobiles. The citizens of Puerto Rico rely heavily on automobiles, and this leads to traffic conditions that are not unfamiliar nor unique. Commutes during rush hour can cause frequent delays, which can be […]