billboard media advantages

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

Today, billboard advertising is widely considered to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. A good billboard, when placed in the right location, receives a very high number of views and impressions within just a single-day. By receiving these views and impressions on such a frequent and consistent basis, a business can easily spread awareness of what they offer, while also increasing engagement with what is being offered. That’s just one of the main advantages that billboard advertising offers; billboard advertising is a powerful advertising medium that offers a variety of excellent advantages and benefits.

advantages of billboard advertising

What Are The Main Advantages Of Billboard Advertising?

There are numerous advantages of billboard advertising. Some may appear evident while others are not so definitive. Effective billboard advertising will depend largely on the implemented strategy, industry, and ultimately who you decide to hire to complete your outdoor media campaign. Since design plays such a significant role, it’s important to find a company that is skilled and experienced in executing billboards that convert to more customers. Your selected billboard agency should offer precise data analysis and insights to help develop and create a billboard meant to engage with your audience. In addition, they should also offer you suggestions on the best methods for execution. Regardless of what billboard company you decide to work with, it’s important that they’re providing you with metrics that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your outdoor media campaign.

Some of the main advantages of billboard advertising are:

  • Strong reach and easy visibility
  • Creativity and brand recognition
  • Easy metrics to track the effectiveness
  • Higher ROI for ad spend than other platforms

Incredible advantages of billboard advertising

Easy visibility

Just about every billboard advertisement is large. Since billboard advertisements are so large, they’re very easy for people to notice. By combining this size with the unique design choices that most billboards possess, it’s easy for people to notice a billboard, and to engage with it.

For a billboard advertisement to be successful, though, it can’t just be large and well-designed; it has to be where the people are. That’s why most billboards are placed on busy highways and city streets that receive large numbers of cars and pedestrians. When a billboard advertisement is placed in a busy location, drivers and pedestrians of all sorts will notice the billboard and, assuming the billboard is well-designed, engage with what the billboard is offering.

One of the main advantages that billboard advertising offers is that of visibility. By ensuring that your billboard is large, well-designed, and placed in a busy location, your advertisement is visible. By being visible, it’s inevitable that a diverse group of people will see your billboard and engage with what you are offering. The company you choose to hire should be knowledgeable in determining what makes a good billboard.

advantages of outdoor media campaigns

Billboard Advertisements Are Creative And Memorable

For any billboard advertising campaign, creativity is a necessity. Billboard advertising is an inherently creative medium, due to billboard advertisement’s heavy reliance on unique visuals and images, rather than just text.

Since billboard advertisements are, primarily, visual, a good billboard advertisement must be unique and distinct, so that it captures the attention of drivers and pedestrians. By relying on visuals, you have access to a wide variety of creative possibilities, all of which will serve to make your billboard more unique and memorable.

For some advertising campaigns, this can be slightly difficult, especially if what’s being advertised is hard to put into visuals. But, the creativity that billboard advertisements allow for ensures that your billboard advertisement will be unique and distinct, standing apart from other billboard advertisements. Because of that, people will see your billboard advertisement and remember who you are and what you are offering.

Building brand awareness is one of the advantages of billboard advertising

For building brand awareness, there’s no better advertising medium than that of a billboard. A good billboard, when placed in a busy location and designed in a compelling manner, grabs people’s attention. Even if there is no direct call-to-action on your billboard – a phone number for example, or a website URL – the people noticing and engaging your billboard will become aware of who you are and what you are offering.

Since a billboard is always on display – for a period of weeks/months, that is – people who walk and drive through the same streets and highways will see your billboard over and over again. Studies have shown that repetition leads to the formation of memories, which means that the people who see your billboard over and over again will remember who you are and what you offer. Then, when they need a service that happens to be the one you offer, they will remember your billboard and what you offer.

Easily Track The Impact Of A Billboard

In the recent past, tracking the impact of a billboard was quite challenging. But today, that task is significantly easier, due to the rise of several new technologies. Technologies such as the Internet and QR codes.

By placing a URL or QR code on your billboard advertisement, people will be able to see your billboard and to engage with what you are offering in an almost-immediate manner. People can go online and visit the URL that you’ve written, or scan the QR code using their phone and be taken to a page that you’ve set-up. That way, they can receive more information about who you are and what you offer.

When you set up a web page that’s linked to a URL or QR code, you are able to access the analytics of that web page. By accessing the analytics of the page, you can see how many people have visited the page, how long they spend on the page, and what they’re focusing on. Because of this, it’s easy to see how many people are engaging with your brand and what they’re paying attention to.

billboard advertising advantages

Billboard Advertising Provides A Fantastic ROI

The Out Of Home Advertising Association Of America published a report on the ROI that billboard advertising produces. Within this report, they showed that for every dollar spent on billboard advertising – or some other form of out of home advertising – an average of $5.97 is generated in product sales. This is in contrast to other popular forms of advertising, such as radio and television, which advertisers spend far more money on, yet receive a weaker ROI.

Since billboard advertising provides such a fantastic ROI, it is one of the most effective advertising mediums for all businesses, big or small. For your business to experience an ROI similar to the one that the Out Of Home Advertising Association Of America reports, your billboard must be placed in the right location, well-designed, compelling, while also being concise in describing what your business offers.

types of billboards

Types of Billboard Structures

Advertising, fundamentally, has remained mostly the same over the years. However, as we move through a more encompassing digital world, one type of advertisement is quickly changing face and shape: billboard displays. In fact, there are now a variety of different types of billboard structures to select, making it a more versatile form of advertisement for companies worldwide.

Businesses often look to advertising to help reach a wider audience and bring more people in. Small businesses, usually have smaller budgets and therefore require a more systematic and strategic approach. Still, all businesses should look for an effective advertising strategy in order to receive the most value and return on investment. Luckily, outdoor media advertisements are still largely effective for a variety of industries. In fact, many businesses would be surprised to see the various types of billboard structures.

Having options for any type of advertisement is always a positive. We’re breaking down the basic structure of billboards here and how some may or may not be more effective than others. If you’re looking for an outdoor media company in Puerto Rico, contact us directly to chat about next steps.

billboard construction design

Standard Bulletin Billboard

There are definitely a variety of different types of billboard structures. Be sure to check out our article on how billboards are made – it’s an interesting read. A standard bulletin billboard is one of the most common billboard structures. Most standard bulletin billboards are located along major roads and highways, which makes it easy for people driving on those roads/highways to see what is being advertised.  Just about every standard bulletin billboard is quite large, which allows each structure to hold large billboard advertisements.

While driving along a major road, it’s guaranteed that you will see at least one standard bulletin billboard. It isn’t hard to figure out why this is the case, since standard billboards have been around for a very long time, and are consistently effective at grabbing people’s attention.

Every standard bulletin billboard holds a printed billboard advertisement. Two of the most common materials for these printed billboards are PE plastic and PVC vinyl. Both of these materials are quite durable and long-lasting, which ensures that they won’t be damaged by intense weather.

Even though a standard bulletin billboard is one of the most basic billboard structures, it still offers plenty of unique creative possibilities. Many of these possibilities come from a variety of different colors and designs that can be displayed on a billboard advertisement. Plus, there’s the large size of most standard bulletin billboards, which allows for larger, and more creative, billboard advertisements.

Painted Billboard

painted billboards

Most billboards are made with the aid of graphic design software and then printed out. Painted billboards, on the other hand, are painted entirely by hand. Painted billboards often take a very long time to make, since they’re painted by hand, but each one has a unique and compelling visual style that differentiates it from other billboards.

Today, most billboard advertisements are made using graphic design software. Once the billboard advertisement has been designed, using graphic design software, it is then printed and posted onto a billboard.

Painted billboards are hand-painted and made without using any kind of computer software. It is, more often than not, a long and difficult process that can take up to more than one-hundred hours, depending on the size of the billboard and the colors and designs that it consists of.

What sets painted billboards apart from other billboards though, apart from the fact that they are hand-painted, is there strong aesthetic qualities. Painted billboards have their own, very distinct, artistic qualities that can be more grabbing and interactive for passersby.

Mobile Billboard

Mobile billboards are, as the name implies, completely mobile. Most mobile billboard advertisements can be found on bikes, trucks, and buses; modes of transportation that can hold a billboard advertisement. Since mobile billboards are constantly moving, oftentimes in areas where there are few traditional billboards, this gives many people the opportunity to engage with the billboard advertisement that the mobile billboard is displaying.

Mobile billboards are, unlike traditional billboards, unbound by a particular billboard structure or platform. Rather than taking the form of a traditional billboard structure, mobile billboards are often various modes of transportation, such as bikes, buses, and trucks. Since mobile billboards are in constant motion, many people have the opportunity to see and engage with what the billboard is advertising.

Billboard Trucks

The majority of mobile billboards are big trucks that consist of a large body that is designed for displaying advertisements. On the body of a mobile billboard, there is the billboard advertisement, which often varies in size depending on the size of the truck – or any other vehicle – that comprises the mobile billboard.

While the mobile billboard medium isn’t that different from a traditional billboard medium, it does offer some fascinating creative possibilities. Possibilities such as integrating elaborate light systems, a sound system, turning the interior of a mobile billboard into a three-dimensional display case; among various others. Each one of these creative possibilities serves as a way of making a billboard advertisement more unique and memorable.

Digital Billboard

billboard construction design

In today’s advertising market, digital billboards have become increasingly popular. By using a digital billboard, a billboard advertisement can be set up in a nearly instantaneous manner, can be set to run for specific blocks of time, and can make use of things like animated text, sound, and videos.

While standard billboards are still very popular, digital billboards have risen greatly in popularity. It isn’t difficult to see why this is the case, either, since digital billboards offer a variety of benefits and advantages that standard billboards simply don’t.

Perhaps, the most notable benefit that a digital billboard offers is that of creativity. By using a digital billboard, you are able to display things like animated text and brief videos – among various other things – all of which make a billboard advertisement more compelling and memorable.

Beyond that, though, digital billboards aren’t bound to the same physical requirements that other billboards are. There is no need to spend any money on printing the billboard, for example, and renting a digital billboard for a few hours every day – or some other period of time – is a valid option that digital billboards allow for.

The Anatomy Of A Billboard

types of billboard structures

While there are many different types of billboard structures. Most standard billboards consist of three basic components. The first of these three basic components is the steel structure that supports the billboard; then there’s the lighting system that the billboard uses; and, finally, the billboard advertisement.

Every standard billboard consists of three basic components. Each of these three components serves an integral part in the strength, durability, and general effectiveness of the billboard structure.

A standard billboard consists of a large steel structure that consists of a tall pole and a frame. The pole is rooted into the ground, and it is used to hold up the frame. On top of the pole, there is the frame, which is often made of steel I-beams.

Within the steel frame, there is often lighting equipment that has been routed through. Each piece of lighting equipment is used to illuminate the billboard advertisement that is being held on the frame. That way, if people drive by the billboard at night, they will be able to see the billboard advertisement.

On the frame itself, there is a billboard advertisement. Usually, the frame is covered with a backing material before the billboard advertisement is placed onto the frame. Right after the backing material is placed, large sheets of PE plastic or PVC vinyl are laid onto the frame.

led digital billboard advertising

Advantages of Digital Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is rapidly changing. The use of computer screens as advertisements has been around for a while but in recent years billboard-size digital displays and LED billboard advertising is bringing a new level of affordability. Digital billboards aren’t just for high-end brands with big pockets; it’s time for everyone to consider whether or not digital billboards are right for their marketing campaign. After all, the advantage of digital billboard advertising are evident.

Billboards offer a range of benefits over their traditional counterparts and in this article, we’ll look at all of the advantages of digital billboard advertising with some examples that show the power of this cutting-edge advertising tool. In specific, let’s dive into LED billboard advertising and a new age of technical outdoor media.

Target Pollen Billboard

LED Digital Billboard Advertising

Thanks to the internet people have different expectations about how advertising works. They spend hours staring at screens that display advertisements tailored to them. Ads today know our names, our locations, and what we’ve been looking for. In fact, most digital ads found online are constantly evolving and highly dependent on the actions we choose to take, meaning they’re customized for us. Digital billboards might not be able to reach this level of customization, but they can still utilize the latest technology to deliver a timely message. This is one of the major advantages of digital billboard advertising.

Look at this digital billboard advertisement from Target. It’s a powerful reminder of allergy season that utilizes the latest pollen count. It’s a brilliant combination of useful information and powerful marketing that is sure to stand out in a world flooded with advertisements. LED digital billboard advertising makes this possible. With bright color and amplified graphics, outdoor media like this can really grab the attention of many. And if it doesn’t? No problem, just change it up.

Fox Time Sensitive Billboard

Digital billboards can display time-sensitive messages

Have you ever gotten excited by an ad for an event only to realize that its time had already come and passed? Many companies waste money paying for advertisements that will outlive the events they are advertising. Digital ads can cut down on waste by automatically switching over at certain times.

Take this advertisement for the TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” as an example. Traditionally advertisements for a weekly TV show would have to run all week long, even though the show wouldn’t be on six out of the seven days. But with digital billboards, a TV channel advertising on a billboard can make sure that it always advertises the shows that viewers can watch immediately after they see the ad. It’s a great way to increase the ad’s return on investment.

Digital Billboard Strategy

The same digital billboard can display two entirely different advertisements just minutes apart from one another

A traditional billboard can only display one advertisement at a time, and it can take hours of work to transition from an old ad to a new message. This isn’t the case with digital billboards. A digital billboard can be loaded up with multiple messages that it cycles between on a set schedule. Companies that advertise on digital billboards can buy the perfect amount of advertising for their needs and budgets. This means that there’s no reason to pay extra to monopolize an entire billboard if you think you can do just as well sharing the space. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all ad buys!

Dogers Digital Billboard

Digital billboards can convey a sense of urgency

Most people are procrastinators by nature. If they can put something off, they will. Companies lose sales all the time because of this. Customers might plan on making a purchase, but they decide to wait until later and end up never spending a dime. To overcome this tendency it’s important to create a sense of urgency, and digital billboards are uniquely equipped for this task.

Just look at this advertisement for Dodgers Baseball. It has a timer ticking down, which can have a big psychological impact on those who pass. It reminds them that time isn’t unlimited, that they need to act quickly if they don’t want to miss their chance to see a game. A traditional billboard might be updated every day, but a digital billboard has the advantage of ratcheting up the urgency with updates by the hour, minute, or even second.

Digital Billboard Advantages

Digital billboards can engage with customers on a grand scale

One of the best ways to ensure repeat business is by building a deeper connection with your customers. In the past billboards used to be a highly impersonal type of advertising but digital billboards can facilitate interaction between you and your customers. Just check out this campaign by Pattison Onestop and Spacing Magazine. They asked for people to tweet out love letters to Canadian cities and then broadcast those letters across the cities. Traditional billboards might have been able to display a single message, but the digital billboards could display hundreds of messages a day.

People got to see their own words on billboards across the country, news outlets got a patriotic story to tell, and Pattison’s shopping centers gained plenty of fantastic PR. It’s the sort of marketing-win that digital billboards enable.

bMedia Digital Billboard

The world is moving quickly and billboards need to keep up with the change of pace

Information travels faster than ever in the age of smartphones. Traditional static billboards were invented in a world where news traveled at the speed of the newspaper. Today even 24/7 cable news channels are too slow for media consumers who are hooked into a constant stream of social media messaging. If you want to keep up in this environment, then you need the sort of flexibility that digital billboards can offer, especially in conjunction with a sound billboard marketing strategy.

how billboards are made

How Are Billboards Made

How are billboards made and what does the process look like? The process of making a billboard requires different components and decisions. Some components cover what materials the billboard is made from, which is usually fixed. Those hiring for a new billboard build can select from design options and creativity that coincides with their billboard marketing strategy and campaign. Decisions such as choosing what the billboard will be made out of, what it will convey, what it will look like, how big it will be, how long the billboard contract will last can be decided at the initial start of the campaign.

Edits and updates to a billboard campaign will likely vary for each business, but overall the components to building a new billboard are uniform. We’re reviewing how billboards are made and how they can be enhanced to produce the most effective billboard marketing campaign.

process of billboard creation

What Are Billboards Made Of?

Every billboard consists of three major facets. The frame that holds the billboard, the billboard itself, and the electrical mechanisms that illuminate the billboard. If one of these facets was missing from a billboard, then the billboard medium would be very different.

How are billboards made and what is the process during the physical build? Most billboards are supported by tall steel poles that hold up a large frame. To support the large frame, the steel poles are designed for durability and longevity, relying on stainless steel to support both the frame and the billboard that it holds.

Right at the top of the steel poles, there’s the frame itself. Within this frame, a billboard can be held, as well as various pieces of lighting and electrical equipment. These components are particularly vital as they allow the billboard to display an ad for longer periods rather than just in daylight.

All across the surface of the frame, there’s a material known as “facing”. Facing allows the art that comprises the billboard to be attached to the frame. Large sheets of paper or vinyl artwork are spread across the frame’s surface.

Most billboards rely on using printed sheets of paper and vinyl, rather than hand-painting the frame of a billboard because it’s much cheaper. But, there are still a variety of hand-painted billboards around, and many of them are quite popular due to the fact that they are hand-painted.

To illuminate the billboard, there are lighting and electrical systems embedded within the frame and right outside of it. Most of these lighting and electrical systems rely on automatic timers because it’s far more convenient than manual activation.


How Are Billboards Made?

Making a billboard is a process that consists of several key steps and a variety of different choices. Each one of the steps and choices that comprise the process of making a billboard is incredibly important and allows for a successful billboard marketing campaign.

Every billboard is designed to convey a very particular message that leads to a very particular result. Results such as “more website viewers” and “more people calling in”. But, as mentioned, in order for this result to be obtained a billboard must convey a message that entices people to engage with the offer in a way that leads to the desired results.

Once the intended results are known, a message must be formulated, for the billboard, so that those results can be created. Ideally, this message is clear, concise, and easily conveyable using visuals and as few words as possible.

making billboards

Designing a billboard

Marketing messaging usually determines the mood and setting that the billboard can prove to be most effective. If humor is an underlying theme within the billboard messaging, bright colors might enhance the imagery and, thus, make it stand out a little more. Similarly, if the attempted theme is serious or professional, colors may correlate with these emotions. Hiring an expert graphics team that is experienced in billboard creativity is especially crucial because visual aids are one of the highest priorities. A good billboard makes use of the medium’s visual nature to entice and engage the viewer — who is most likely driving their car — so that they will then engage with what is being offered.

After the billboard has been designed, it must be set-up. Setting up the billboard involves several key choices. Choices such as choosing the material that the billboard will be made of, choosing where your billboard will be displayed, and choosing how long your billboard will be displayed.

Most billboards rely either on paper or vinyl, due to the strength and affordability of those materials. Of course, there are digital billboards and, as mentioned earlier, hand-painted billboards. Both options are also valid, but billboards made of paper or vinyl are far more conventional.

More often than not, a billboard made of those materials will need to measure 48-feet in width, and 14-feet in height. The reason for this is because most billboard frames possess those measurements, due to it being an industry standard. But, there are plenty of billboard frames that have different measurements, which is why it’s important to know where the billboard will be located before printing.

A standard billboard contract lasts for at least one month. If the billboard is doing well, then the contract should be extended, but if it isn’t, then the billboard should be revised or moved somewhere else.


how are billboards made

What Does Billboard Maintenance Consist Of?

In answering the question, how are billboards made, you must also account for their continued maintenance.

Print Billboard

Maintaining a print billboard is quite easy, due to the fact that print billboards rely on very few individual components and facets. Most print billboards are made of strong and durable materials that last for a considerable amount of time. Unless a billboard has been displayed for a very long time, it’s unlikely that fresh sheets of paper or vinyl will be needed.

Digital Billboard

Maintaining a digital billboard is far more complex, due to the variety of systems and components that comprise a digital billboard.

How Are Billboards Made: Common Issues

What can be problematic, though, is the lighting systems that billboards rely on. If a bulb goes out, then that bulb must be replaced. If the lighting system is damaged, then it must be repaired. Without the proper lighting, drivers will be unable to see the billboard at night.

Maintaining a digital billboard is quite different from maintaining a print billboard. Digital billboards rely on complex hardware and software, all of which must be maintained on a regular basis. Most of the time, digital billboard maintenance consists of things like making sure the software is up-to-date, that the display is set-up properly, that each cord and cable is connected, and that the billboards are being displayed in the manner intended.



billboard ad strategy

Billboard Marketing Strategy

Without the proper billboard marketing strategy, creating an effective billboard marketing campaign is challenging. To create a proper billboard marketing strategy, you must be aware of several pieces of very basic, but extremely useful, information. With this information, the entire process of setting up a proper outdoor advertising campaign should be easy and effective.

billboard marketing strategy

Know Your Goals

Every billboard marketing campaign must have a definite purpose.

Without this definitive purpose, it is much more difficult to develop a sound billboard marketing strategy. For example, understanding your audience’s behaviors and interests requires first defining who your audience is and what they do.

Every billboard marketing campaign must have a definite purpose or goal that defines the billboard marketing strategy. Without this definite purpose, creating an effective billboard marketing strategy is far more difficult, because you are unaware of the exact intent of the billboard marketing campaign.

When thinking about your billboard marketing campaign, consider the benefits that you would like the campaign to produce. Do you want more sales? More leads? Are you just trying to get more people visiting your website? Ideally, your intended result is something that is easily measurable.

No matter what, make sure you know the exact purpose of your billboard marketing campaign and the results that you desire. When you are aware of that definite purpose, you can then define the rest of your billboard marketing strategy around that purpose and your intended results.


Is Your Billboard Marketing Effective?

Knowing whether or not your billboard marketing strategy is effective will be an important data point to collect. First, though, you’ll need to know how to define an effective outdoor media campaign. Learn how to measure billboard effectiveness

Collect data! In order to receive a higher ROI (return on investment), you should work with tools that will allow you to measure success. Determine if there are any spikes in business after running an outdoor media ad, or utilize a hashtag to determine if viewers are interacting with your billboard and taking action.

If you’re creating a billboard marketing strategy, first determine your conversion metrics. For example, every billboard marketing campaign is designed toward a goal, for example:

  • better sales
  • more leads
  • more website visits

All of these metrics should be measurable. If the results you are attempting to produce aren’t measurable, it’s very difficult to determine whether or not your billboard marketing campaign has been effective.

To measure the effectiveness of your billboard campaign, you should have some kind of metric in-place. If the intention of your billboard campaign is to have more people visiting your website, you could use web analytics. With an effective ad, you should be capturing new leads every day that your billboard is displayed. Learn about the best billboard designs here.

Regardless of the specific results you would like your billboard marketing campaign to create, make sure you have a way of measuring them. Without that measurability, there’s a good chance you could waste money on an ineffective billboard campaign.

outdoor media strategy


Review And Edit Frequently

When in doubt, evaluate and change it up!

A reliable billboard marketing strategy is adaptation. Get outside ideas, think beyond the usual scope, and don’t be afraid to take chances. Let’s face it: some billboard marketing campaigns are ineffective. Review and adjust frequently. Discover new ways of promoting your service, brand, products, etc. Make things interesting and be sure to speak directly to your ideal consumer.

If your billboard is unclear or boring, most people won’t take action on the information that’s on the billboard. If your billboard is located in an area where there is little traffic, then that means very few people are seeing your billboard. If your billboard is surrounded by plenty of other billboards – perhaps, these billboards are far more eye-catching than yours – then it will be harder for your billboard to be noticed.

When you review those aspects of your billboard, you may find that there are flaws in your billboard marketing campaign. If there are, then you must take the necessary actions to rectify those flaws, such as redesigning the visuals on your billboard and finding new places for your billboards to go.


Budgeting for your Outdoor Meia

Consider costs for producing and display an outdoor ad. While they’re not cheap, they should be returning a portion of your ad spend and scaling your business. With a set billboard marketing strategy, you will know the costs of an ongoing campaign and the margins that will determine your final ROI.

Pro Tip: Always do your marketing analysis and branding before you launch any type of outdoor media! Viewers remember strong brands, unique messaging, and excellent design.

When you are outlining the budget for your billboard’s marketing campaign, there are a variety of different factors that you must consider. Two of the most important factors that you must, consider, though, are the design of the billboard and where the billboard is going to be located.

effective billboard strategy

More often than not, the biggest cost in any billboard marketing campaign is the location that is being rented. For example, a billboard in Times Square can cost as much as $3M per month. But, while renting that billboard space can be quite expensive, a good location is always worth the cost because it allows many people to see your billboard and to engage with what you are offering. But, if your billboard is in a bad location, then very few people will see it.

As a result of this, it is wise to set aside much of your budget towards renting out the proper billboard location. With the right billboard location, many people will see your billboard and engage with what you are offering.

In order for people to see, and understand, what you are offering, your billboard must have a good design. Ideally, this design will be clear, concise, engaging, and memorable; all while highlighting what it is that you are offering.

Since your billboard must be all of those things, it’s wise to set aside a fair amount of money for a good billboard design company. With a good billboard design company, the entire process of making your billboard look nice and convey what needs to be conveyed is much easier, ensuring that people will see and remember what you are offering.



brand wars in marketing and advertising

Brand Wars in Marketing

Top brands going head to head with each other through public advertising makes for true legendary marketing. From famous rivalries between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to an all-out ad war with several car manufactures, there’s plenty of health brand wars competition to be viewed on the regular. And with the age of digital and social media, these opponents can now ask their followers to chime in. The result? Endless hashtags and some serious shade. Take a look at our full list of brand wars in marketing.

These battles have spanned decades while some are more recent, but all were made very public. In fact, most of the shots fired were printed in magazines or featured on billboards. Nothing quite liking sparking interest through some friendly and not-so-friendly competition. Creativity stands at the forefront of effective billboard advertising, so these brands have taken visuals and messaging to another level.

Check out the list from bMedia:

Brand Wars Competition

1. Chick-fil-A vs. Popeyes

brand wars

You were likely living under a rock if you missed this well-documented feud from August 2019. The top dogs in the chicken game decided to spit some beef over their featured sandwiches. The aftershock was seismic. The battle went global and the spat was officially dubbed the “Chicken Sandwich War of 2019,” by Business Insider.

The hype began escalating shortly after the release of Popeye’s hand-breaded chicken filet sandwich. After a series of clap back tweets, the pair were publicly mixing and challenging customers, followers, and more to vote their favorite. The resulting response was phenomenal as both chains sported crowds of people while the hashtag #ChickenSandwichWars continued to trend.

Soon after, McDonald’s was sporting its own new spicy barbecue chicken sandwich. KFC refused to be outdone and produced variations and fusions, one of which featured doughnuts, plus their chicken and waffle. It was truly one of the internet’s best moments and we continue to witness some of the cascading effects.

2. Miller Lite vs. Bud Light

branding conflicts in marketing

Nothing more American than traditional brew drinking. As a favorite past time for many, beer drinking is certainly considered at the top of the list of weekend thrills. But like many other products, folks tend to flock to their most beloved brand. However, it didn’t stop the long time competitors of Miller Lite and Bud Light to scheme up a battle in 2019. Of course, it wouldn’t be properly American unless executed during the Super Bowl.

Bud Light was the brand that started the infamous feud. After suggesting that both Miller Lite and Coors Lite used corn syrup in their respective products, they received a proper response. Brand wars in marketing are certainly entertaining if nothing else. Audiences nationwide watched the commercial ad with Bud Light adopting a “Game of Thrones” scene — watch it here — where a barrel of corn syrup is delivered to a King. The King then trek’s across the lands to take it to Miller Lite. Miller Lite’s response was their “Snow” machine ad, where the actors are again placed in the same Game of Throne’s setting, but reveals a behind the scenes glance of actors passing up Bud Light for Miller Lite. Brand wars in marketing declared this battle the #corntroversy of 2019. Cheers!

3. Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCo

brand wars in marketing


There has never been a more polarizing battle between beverages than that of Coke and PepsiCo. In fact, the famous rivalry between these two soda companies is referred to in marketing history as the Cola Wars. In order to understand how the ferocious rivalry came about, it’s important to understand the history of both mega brands.

  • Coca-Cola was started in 1886, while PepsiCo laid its foundations in 1893.
  • PepsiCo fired the first shot against Coke in 1975, by introducing a marketing campaign called the “Pepsi Challenge.” The Pepsi Challenge involved a blind taste test between people, who then favored the PepsiCo soda more.
  • It looked like PepsiCo had Coke beat for at least a decade, particularly after Coke changed their formula and launched “New Coke” in 1985 to terrible reception.

However, the tides began to turn when PepsiCo’s biggest stars began having headline troubles. Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire while filming a Pepsi commercial. David Bowie had a sexual assault scandal while he was under PepsiCo’s contract. Furthermore, Pepsi used “Like a Prayer” in a commercial at the time it was being received as blasphemous. Finally, in 93, consumers of the blue can began finding syringes in their cans in at least 20 states.

The official end to the Cola Wars is widely thought to be 2011. This year was when Diet Coke bumped Pepsi out of the second most popular soft drink spot in the world. The first, of course, was Coke.

4. Burger King vs. McDonald’s

brand wars marketing


The burger behemoths have had a long-standing rivalry, similar to the soda giants above. In fact, the fight has been kept pretty clean for decades, with only a few jabs thrown directly here and there. For the most part, Burger King and McDonald’s are content to offer almost the exact same thing on their menus.

One notable departure was the disastrous “Whopper Virgins” ad campaign in 2009. This ad campaign appeared to steal a page from PepsiCo’s book, displaying blind taste test ads between the Big Mac and the Whopper. Nobody appeared to win that advertisement war, as the public found the ad campaign racist and exploitative.

5. Microsoft vs. Apple

brand wars in marketing

When most people think of brand wars, this popular tech one comes to mind. Apple founder Steve Jobs was famously no fan of Bill Gates. In fact, Apple has been taking aim at Microsoft for the four decades since it’s inception. You may recall the “Hi I’m a Mac, and Hi I’m a PC” commercials.

In fact, Apple’s first advertisement hammered Microsoft- literally. The famous 1984 commercial featured a hammer-thrower running through the ranks of blank-faced grey followers staring at a propaganda screen and destroying the film with a hammer. The overlay text read, “On January 24th, Apple Computer will release the Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984.’” The advertisement referenced Microsoft as a dull conformist overlord, and Apple as the bright new disruptor. While we can’t say that Microsoft is dull and conformist, it is certainly true that Apple was a disruptor in the computer market.

6. BMW vs. Audi

outdoor media marketing wars

One of the more famous brand wars in marketing played out between BMW and Audi. Like other major brands on this list, BMW and Audi have been sniping at each other for decades. However, one billboard erected in Santa Monica fired off a savage shot heard around the world.

Here’s a breakdown of the famous billboard feud:

  • Audi erects a billboard on Santa Monica Blvd boasting a new A4 with the message, “Your move, BMW.”
  • Santa Monica BMW buys a billboard opposite to Audi with an M3 Coupe and the message, “Checkmate.”
  • Audi invites fans to photoshop responses onto their next billboard on their Facebook page.
  • Audi places a billboard on the same side as BMWs with an R8. The message read, “your pawn is no match for our king.”
  • BMW then tethered a blimp to the billboard featuring the F1 car and the message “Game Over.”

The feud didn’t end there but continued in print. It even garnered ads from Subaru and Bentley in response.

what makes a good billboard

What Makes a Good Billboard

Many often ask us, what makes a good billboard? While there are many different aspects to creating a captivating billboard, there’s usually a fixed set of rules that help to gear it up to optimally perform for its intended audience. Typically, effective billboards consist of three different factors. When these factors are considered, and their respective qualities are integrated into the billboard, then you have a billboard that is enjoyable to view and very easy to understand. From this, the billboard is able to entice the viewer to consider and learn more about what is being offered.

So what are the factors included in what makes a good billboard? Keep reading to learn. For proven outdoor advertising in Puerto Rico methodology, strategy, and launches, contact bMedia Group today!

what makes an effective billboard

Great Billboard Design

A Good Billboard Has A Clear And Concise Message

This message can be as simple as “buy our pizza”, but the message must be clear and concise so that the viewer knows exactly what is being conveyed. Without this clarity, it’s far more likely that whoever sees your billboard will be uncertain as to what, exactly, is being conveyed.

Every effective billboard has a clear and concise message. Most people don’t stare at billboards for very long, and because of that, it’s unwise to use a billboard for conveying large amounts of information and complex messages.

Instead, a billboard must have a clear and concise message that is well-defined and easy for the viewer of the billboard to understand. To give you an example of this, if you are offering a free wellness consultation for people with back problems, then your billboard should consist of an image that conveys the difficulties of dealing with back problems, and how you offer a free solution. But, since this is a billboard, there’s no need for you to dive into how you will solve the problem. Instead, you just need to entice the viewer to want to learn more about what you are offering.

To define the message that you are going to be conveying, you must think about what you are advertising, the main benefit that you are offering to customers, and then what they can do to receive what you are offering. By doing that, you will understand what it is that the billboard needs to convey, and then you can work on finding a way to convey it.

  • Have a clear and concise message that is easy to understand
  • More often than not, this message consists of what is being offered, a strong benefit that it offers, and then a call-to-action that allows the viewer to receive what’s being offered
  • To do this, you must define what you are offering and the value that it offers, before designing your billboard

good billboards

Use Seven Words Or Less

Most of the people who will be seeing your billboard have very little time to process what a billboard is saying. Because of that, using seven words or less ensures that whoever sees your billboard has time to read it and to understand what you are offering.

Most of the people who see your billboard will do so while driving. On average, a driver has around five-to-ten seconds to see your billboard, to read it, and to understand it. That’s not enough time to read along and overly wordy billboard, but that’s plenty of time to absorb a simple and memorable image, as well as a sentence that encapsulates what you’re offering and entices the viewer.

What’s important to remember, though, is that billboards are a visual medium. Words are incredibly useful at doing things such as creating memorable slogans or elaborating on specific pieces of information, but it’s unwise for your billboard to rely too heavily on words. Instead, words should serve as a supplement to the images, rather than the other way around.

  • Most of the people who will see your billboard only have five-to-ten seconds to read and understand it
  • Using seven words, or less ensures that they have time to read the billboard
  • Billboards are a visual medium, so use the words to elaborate on specific points or to create a slogan that is memorable and explains your product, rather than relying on words alone

Integrate Words And Images To Create Something Memorable

What makes a good billboard can factor how well others can remember it. Integrate words and images to create something memorable. While billboards rely on words, they are primarily a visual medium. As such, it’s very important that you integrate words and images in a manner that effectively conveys what you offer while doing so in a memorable and distinctive manner.

Billboards are, primarily, a visual medium. Words are often used as tools for elaborating on specific points or for conveying a certain piece of information that will entice the viewer of the billboard to learn more, but they are rarely used for more than that.

To integrate words and images in an effective manner, you must define the overall message of your billboard, and then you can begin thinking about the images that you can use to effectively convey that message.

creating an effective billboard

For example, if you are offering free wellness consultations that are designed to help with back problems, then you could convey that using a picture of a man’s back that is covered in a dark, silver color. This image conveys the pain of having back problems, and the feelings of being weighed down and immobile that back problems often come with.

With that image, you can then use a couple of words that convey the solution that you offer – in this case, a wellness consultation. There’s no need for you to explain the solution that you offer in great detail, instead, you can simply tell the viewer that you offer a solution. This will spread awareness of your services, while also enticing those who are dealing with back problems and would like to find a solution.

To make your billboard as memorable and as effective as it can be, you must focus on creating memorable images and designs first, because those are the first things that the viewer will see. Then, you can use words to further enhance the billboard and its message.

  • Uses image and words in an effective and memorable manner
  • Billboards are visual mediums, so it’s important that they rely more on visuals than words
  • To make a billboard that is memorable, it’s important to use large and distinct images, rather than multiple images
  • Words must supplement the images – and message – rather than having to explain the images
  • Think about your message and the images that will convey it first, and then think about the words you would like to use
advertising in puerto rico

Puerto Rico Traffic

Puerto Rico has a population of just under 3.2-million people. For every 1,000 people, out of that population of 3.2-million, 614 own automobiles. The citizens of Puerto Rico rely heavily on automobiles, and this leads to traffic conditions that are not unfamiliar nor unique. Commutes during rush hour can cause frequent delays, which can be irritating for most. For business, however, high traffic conditions can mean excellent returns if you’ve invested in billboard advertising.  bMedia will explain more below.

Being aware of Puerto Rico traffic conditions, and how they affect the day-to-day life of a regular Puerto Rican citizen, makes it easier to understand the power of an excellent billboard, and how to properly harness this platform for advertising. When done strategically, well-thought-out and well-placed billboard media can take advantage of extremely trafficked areas in Puerto Rico.

puerto rico traffic

What To Expect When Driving In Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico’s road laws are quite similar to those found in the United States. For example, everyone in Puerto Rico drives on the right side of the road, and wearing your seatbelt is mandatory. But, despite these similarities, there are a few things that differentiate American drivers, and Puerto Rican drivers. These are quirks of the road that you’re likely to encounter on a regular basis.

If you look at the United States’ road laws, and Puerto Rico’s road laws, you’ll find that they’re quite similar. People drive on the right side of the road, you must wear a seatbelt, child seats must be used if your child is under four; those are just some examples of the road laws that Puerto Rico and the United States share.

Unlike the United States, however, traffic signs are in Spanish, rather than English. Each traffic sign is a universal traffic sign, but every word on the sign is in Spanish. Along with that, speed limits are written in Miles-Per-Hour, but distances are written in kilometers, rather than miles.

While the laws are similar to the United States, the ways in which drivers act tends to be a little different. It’s not uncommon for drivers to change lanes without using their turn signals, for example, and drivers often speed past red and yellow-lights. Along with that, speed limits are often thought of as “suggestions” rather than rules.

Despite those quirks, driving in Puerto Rico is, overall, a fairly safe and painless experience. Some drivers don’t always obey the rules of the road, but most of them do. But, with that being said, it’s important to be flexible.

  • Most of Puerto Rico’s road laws are exactly the same as those found in the United States
  • Traffic signs are universal, but the words on the signs are in Spanish, rather than English
  • Driving in Puerto Rico has many quirks, such as turn signals being used infrequently and speed limits and red lights being more of a “suggestion” than a rule

puerto rico traffic billboards

What Are Some Of The Heaviest Traffic Congestion Points In Puerto Rico?

In Puerto Rico, the heaviest traffic congestion points are in San Juan. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, and as such, it has the largest population out of any other place in Puerto Rico. Most of the Puerto Rico traffic comes from the highways and freeways that lead to and from San Juan, although there is plenty of traffic congestion to be found within the San Juan Metropolitan Area. 

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, and it’s the most populated city in Puerto Rico. In fact, the San Juan Metropolitan Area has a population of around 2.6-million, which is a significant percentage of Puerto Rico’s population of 3.2-million.

In San Juan, the heaviest traffic congestion is found on the freeways and highways. Many of these freeways and highways begin in other parts of the country and lead directly to San Juan. Since many people work in San Juan, even if they live somewhere else in the country, the freeways and highways are almost always busy.

San Juan’s most congested freeway is the PR-18. The PR-18 sees an average of 286,800 drivers, every single day. It isn’t a particularly long freeway – less than four-miles – but it connects San Juan and Rio Piedras – a municipality of San Juan – and makes it easier for drivers to move from one part of San Juan to another.

traffic in puerto rico

The PR-52 is another very busy freeway that is often congested. Beginning in Ponce, which is located in the southern part of Puerto Rico, and ending in San Juan, which is in the northern part of Puerto Rico, the PR-52 connects one end of the country with the other and serves as one of Puerto Rico’s most traveled freeways. As such, it is also one of the heaviest traffic congestion points in Puerto Rico.

There are other freeways and highways that serve as heavy traffic congestion points. But, the PR-18 and PR-52 are some of Puerto Rico’s most congested roads, due to the amount of traffic that they see on a daily basis.

To deal with traffic congestion, it’s important to leave early, especially if you know it will take some time for you to get to where you need to be. Along with that, it’s important to remember that if you’re going towards San Juan, no matter what freeway you’re taking, rush hour is from 6 AM to 9 AM. But, if you’re leaving San Juan, rush hour is from 4 PM to 7 PM.

  • San Juan has the heaviest traffic congestion points in Puerto Rico, due to the prevalence of cars
  • The PR-18 and PR-52 are some of the most congested freeways, and they see large volumes of Puerto Rico traffic every single day, due to their connection to San Juan
  • Leaving early, to avoid rush hour, will make your commute a lot easier
  • Rush hour is 6 AM to 9 PM if you’re going towards San Juan
  • If you’re going away from San Juan, rush hour is 4 PM to 7 PM

Why Traffic Congestion Is Great For Billboards:

Traffic congestion may not be pleasant to deal with, but when it comes to billboard advertising, traffic congestion is exceptionally valuable. Where there’s traffic, there are drivers, and where there are drivers, there are people who will see your billboard and engage with what you are offering.

driving in puerto rico

In Puerto Rico, the worst traffic spots – along the PR-18, for example – are the best billboard advertising locations. With so many people driving through, every single day, your billboard will be seen. And, due to the traffic congestion in those areas, drivers are forced to stop and wait, and this means they’ll see your billboard and know what it is that you are offering.

Getting people to see and engage with your billboard is often one of the biggest challenges of billboard advertising. Placing your billboard in a traffic congestion spot eliminates that challenge, as it ensures your billboard is seen by a variety of drivers and engaged with.

  • Traffic congestion is exceptionally valuable when it comes to billboard advertisers
  • Traffic congestion points are full of drivers, which ensures that your billboard is seen
  • When there’s traffic congestion, drivers are forced to stop and wait and this ensures that they see your billboard and have time to engage with it

Contact bMedia for effective outdoor media advertising in Puerto Rico.