billboard media advantages

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

Today, billboard advertising is widely considered to be one of…
types of billboards

Types of Billboard Structures

Advertising, fundamentally, has remained mostly the same over…
led digital billboard advertising

Advantages of Digital Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is rapidly changing. The use of computer…
how billboards are made

How Are Billboards Made

How are billboards made and what does the process look like?…
billboard ad strategy

Billboard Marketing Strategy

Without the proper billboard marketing strategy, creating an…
brand wars in marketing and advertising

Brand Wars in Marketing

Top brands going head to head with each other through public…
outdoor advertising screens
what makes a good billboard

What Makes a Good Billboard

Many often ask us, what makes a good billboard? While there are…
Media billboards
advertising in puerto rico

Puerto Rico Traffic

Puerto Rico has a population of just under 3.2-million people.…
billboard advertising puerto rico

Outdoor Advertising

Billboard Media Group is one of Puerto Rico's top providers in outdoor advertising.
billboard advertising effectiveness

Puerto Rico Billboards

Billboard advertising can be a great way to gain awareness for your business...
measuring billboard effectiveness

Measuring Billboard Effectiveness

Depending on whom you ask, billboards conjure different images.…
billboard ideas

Billboard Ideas

Technology is boosting marketing practices in amazing ways,…
guerilla marketing ideas

Outside the Box Marketing Ideas

Sometimes it’s the craziest ideas that produce the most effective…
effective advertising

Why Is Billboard Advertising Important

Today, digital advertising is dominating all other forms of advertising,…
trends in outdoor advertising

Outdoor Advertising Trends

Today, billboards are one of the most popular and effective advertising…
what to expect when purchasing a billboard

What to Expect from Billboard Advertising

In 1867, the first billboard was leased. This billboard was used…
unique billboard designs

Unique Billboard Designs

With the dawn of the internet, it's amazing watching some of…
amazing billboard ads

Amazing Billboard Ads

We are constantly bombarded by messages enticing us to buy something.…